ADA at 31

07.27.21 07:08 AM Comment(s) By Christie

Image with letters ADA in blue text with smaller print below reading 'Americans with Disabilities Act.' Small graphics around the ADA letters depicting a worker in a suit, a woman typing on a laptop and a person sitting using their phone.

By Elisa Wern

AT and OT Consultant, Verge Learning

Owner at AT & OT Consulting and Coaching

Here is a link to download the ADA31 logo:

I was still a child when the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) was passed in 1990 but I cannot imagine a world without it. What did the ADA do for the landscape of our country? It ensures protection from discrimination in five (5) distinct parts of living. Any public or private place open to the public must make sure they are accessible. It applies to jobs and employment, schools, transportation, and public and private spaces. It is NOT about allowing an unfair advantage, rather, creating an even playing field for those with disabilities. 

If you are reading this blog, it’s very likely that your job and work are in the disability related space. ADA makes that possible for creation of employment opportunities to support those with disabilities. For those of us working in the school aged population, it also helps to ensure that those with disabilities can work alongside us given the support they need to be successful. In addition the protections it offers allows for the clients we work with to access their schools, communities, and employment. 

Check out this great website for information about ADA and the impact it has had on accessibility:

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In our work with Verge Learning and XceptionalED we seek to create opportunities for learning to break down the barriers. We desire professionals to learn and receive professional development through XceptionalED that is accessible to them. Our XceptionalED Leaders come from diverse backgrounds and create courses that allow for flexibility in learning, while still attaining course objectives. 

We strive for all elements of our Verge Learning Marketplace to be flexible and accessible to learners with and without disabilities. For example, participants in our courses are able to learn through video and visual content. An auditory component of courses allows another medium of content intake. 

We encourage you to find ways to celebrate ADA at 31, and while you are at it, check out what Verge Learning and XceptionalED can do for you in your workplace!

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