Fall-Themed Teletherapy Materials at Your Fingertips!

11.02.21 05:27 AM Comment(s) By Christie

Three children laying on the ground covered in fall leaves.

Photo of Tracy Sippl

By Tracy Sippl, M.S., CCC-SLP

Clinical Manager

        If you’re like me, you like to engage your students with thematic materials corresponding to the month or season of the year. Fall is one of my favorites. Finding a variety of materials all in one place makes me super excited, as I am not required to spend hours in front of a computer trying to gather resources to meet my students’ needs! That’s where Verge Learning comes into play. I really enjoy using the platform and the fact that the content library contains over a thousand materials blows me away!

        What types of fall-themed materials do the authors have available? Well, I reached out to get their input firsthand. They have created materials that are unique to the Verge Learning platform.  Who are the authors, you ask? They include Danielle Reed (Sublime Speech), Amanda Schaumburg (Panda Speech), Kelly Workman (The Elementary SLP), Christine Ristuccia (The Entire World of R), and Susan Berkowitz (an AAC expert)! 

        Materials such as the “Fall, No-Prep Articulation and Language Worksheets,” “Fall Directed Drawing,” “Fall Listen Up,” “Thankful Mazes,” and fall “Photo Cards” set are just a few of the materials available on the Verge Learning platform. The resources are colorful, super engaging, and perfect to use with the Verge platform’s drawing tools. There are fall-themed worksheets, mazes, and directed drawing activities. The apple-themed “Which One Doesn’t Belong” activity is a clickable interactive PDF, which can be used with receptive and expressive language tasks!

Fall graphics of a scarecrow, autumn leaves, and a pumpkin with worksheet graphics in the background. Text reads "No-prep Fall Language Worksheets Created by Panda Speech," with a maroon border around it.
"Thankful Mazes Later Sounds" with a maze drawing of a leaf and a pencil in the middle, surrounded by a dark gray border.

        The fall “Listen Up Following Directions” worksheet is Amanda Schaumburg’s favorite because it has 1 and 2 steps (2 levels) and you can make your own directions. After using this resource with a student (as a receptive language task), Amanda likes to have students give her directions (utilizing expressive language). 

        Danielle Reed’s favorite fall-themed material is “Spooky Speech” because the students love to use the Halloween/fall vocabulary to practice articulation and language skills.

"Spooky Speech - Spooky Articulation Word Lists and Activities"

      Kelly Workman’s fall-themed “Photo Cards” offers the ability for the SLP to choose to use the pictures with words or without. The photos offer real-life pictures representing each word which makes them fun and interesting to look at!

"Vocabulary Photo Cards - Fall & Thanksgiving" - Three blue squares with the text that says "Pictures With Words" - "Pictures Without Words" - "Directions".

        When asked about why the authors are excited to work with the Verge Learning platform, they responded that the platform is so user-friendly and that it offers all of the tools a therapist could need. Kelly Workman stated, “Contributing to a platform that provides SLPs with the products they need for therapy and teletherapy – especially in these trying times – is very rewarding.” When asked about what interested her about working with Verge, Danielle Reed reported that she was excited about “…the opportunity to reach clients worldwide and provide access to the materials that I created to hard-working therapists utilizing Verge.”

        If you are looking for thematic materials to use with your students, look no further than the Verge materials library! Fall is my favorite season and Verge Learning offers a variety of fall-themed materials to choose from. I highly recommend checking out all of the materials when you sign up for a free, 30-day trial of Verge!

Image with blue text that says FREE 30-day Trial with smaller orange text that says ‘Special Education & Disability-Focused Teletherapy, Professional Development, Content Management, Student & Client Management.’ Illustration on the right shows a stack of books with one person on their laptop, one with a magnifying glass, one holding a stack of books, and one reading a book.

        What is your favorite fall-themed material to use with your student? 

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