What's AOTA Got To Do With It?

09.28.21 06:06 AM Comment(s) By Christie

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By Elisa Wern, M.Ed., OTR/L, ATP

AT and OT Consultant, Verge Learning

Owner at AT & OT Consulting and Coaching

      People have many reasons for seeking out a professional development course to take.  Maybe there's a specific topic you are interested in, so you Google search "name of topic" + CEU. Maybe someone you know says, “I took this course and it was amazing”. I'd venture to say that you want solid learning material with the side goal of also fulfilling professional development credits towards your license. Those CEUs are crucial to maintain our licenses, and thus our livelihoods. For occupational therapists there are a few paths to CEUs for us to maintain our licenses…you can take courses and seek out certificates and self submit. Most times those courses count, but it's an extra step with a risk. To be sure that counts for our license renewal we have the opportunity to seek out AOTA approved providers. 

      Over the last few months, we at XceptionalED decided to become an AOTA Approved Provider. From the provider's end it means that the professional development that is being offered is research based, occupational therapy relevant, and evidence based. We want to be sure that the learning opportunities you attend with us meet your needs, are both evidence and research-based, and give you as the practitioner the skills you need to better serve your clients and students. For you as the learner, it means that the courses are relevant to our OT scope of practice and include recent research supporting the implementation. It is quite a process and we are happy to report that we were approved, and are submitting previous courses for CEUs as well as new offerings.

      XceptionalED has been offering quality professional development for a few years now. Just recently we held a weeklong conference with topics all around legal issues and school system practice.  The IEPs: Need to Know Conference took place over 5 nights. It had highly knowledgeable presenters who understand both school system practice and the effect of the legal system for students with disabilities. 

      If you're reading this blog, and thinking, "I really wish I knew about this before, I'm really interested in learning more in this area…," you now have an option to purchase those courses, attend, AND receive replay CEU hours! That's amazing enough, but for the money of just a few courses you can access courses and gain continuing education unit hours across ALL of the courses that are offered. 

      For only $39.99 (now through October 1, 2021), you can have ONE YEAR ACCESS TO:

      • 70+ Courses (and new courses continually being added!)
      • FREE ACCESS to
        • ALL Live Webinars
        • ALL Conferences
        • AAC, SLP, OT, ABA Topics
        • An EXTRA BONUS! FREE 30-DAY TRIAL to Verge Learning!

    Get the XceptionalED Course Collection TODAY before the price is goes up on October 1st!

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