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We help you make global connections with more students, families, and disability-focused administrators supported by our professional association-approved, high-quality continuing education courses and specialized content, and extensive national and international channels.

Earn more money.

Our Xceptional Leaders embrace new income opportunities through professional development course libraries, digital content sales, direct teletherapy services, and marketplace storefronts. This not only earns additional income but also provides you the ability to provide special education services and resources to communities in desperate need -
all over the world.

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As a therapist, multi-tasking is a
day-to-day necessity. Our proprietary software unites the essential pieces of your therapy business together in one login. Easily access and manage everything from content, scheduling, staffing, education, and communication - all in one place.

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Welcome to XceptionalLEARNING!
A year ago, XceptionalED was acquired by the edtech company, Verge Learning, and became a product of the Verge Learning platform. In order to offer you more amazing features, we need to be able to expand the brand to a broader offering. It only makes sense to rebrand the Verge Learning platform to the Xceptional name - a name our current XceptionalED family knows and trusts. 

XceptionalED and Verge Learning are now XceptionalLEARNING!

​We will be sharing more about this new brand and all it has to offer you over the next few weeks and months ahead! Until then, you can still find everything you need here:

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